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Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. 

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd is a joint stock company, established in 1993 on the basis of the former Zhengzhou Bus Manufacturing works, the headquarter of Yutong Bus is located in Zhengzhou City.

The mission of YUTONG --- What is the existing and developing value of YUTONG.

Focusing on business vehicles development, supplying comfortable, safe and the most valuable products for customer's first choice.

On the basis of respecting people, the group as precondition, equality and confidence, the system as guarantee we provide our client and customer with superior product and first-grade service, the complete convenience for supplier.

We will gain leading market and increasing profit in return, thus our staff members and workers will get well occupation development and material return, our work and life divisions will become flourishing, finally the value of our shareholders will come true.

The core management concept of YUTONG--- the basic management philosophy which regulates the basis goal of enterprise:

To seek the successive success.
To seek safety, health and protecting environment superior to economic profit.
To promote and establish multiplex culture atmosphere.
To innovate continuously for customer.
To Expand with certain orientation, to became leader in every field which we set foot in.

The prospect of YUTONG --- What it will be in future?

To become one of influential corporation in China Auto Trade and a newly industry group with the first-grade commercial vehicle as leading professional work in ten years.

The strategy prospect of YUTONG BUS

To became the leading and the most powerful bus manufacturer enterprise with competitive capacity of gainning profit and enter into the first ten enterprises in the world in 2008.

To become the international renowned coach cooperation and enter into the first five ranked the world in 2012.

Ten management principles of YUTONG---according as what to make an important decision for YUTONG and according as what to deal with the daily work for YUTONG staff.

1. On the precondition of obtaining profit and managing the chief industrial, to expand the enterprise scale step by step, to develop the emergent business steadily.

2. It is our long-term strategy that focuses on the development of commercial vehicle and assembly fields.

3. To encourage all the innovation beneficial for our enterprise, and put up with the possible mistake accompanying.

4. Staff members are our precious wealth. Concerned their merits and trust them. Concerned their personable development and ability promotion, and provided them with fine work environments and the willing life condition.

5. To encourage the staff communicate with the different department and class, to share the resources together.

6. To respect the benefit related body fully. To realize the bilateral win the benefit and cooperation.

7. To predict and concern the change of market and maintain the sense of crisis and reformation.

8. Keeping the high morale to study and prompting the achievement continually.

9. Honesty is our only principle in the course of business activity.

10. Our activity of running and managing in accordance with the responsibility, right and profit.

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