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Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd 

Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd was established in 1958, we are the leading bus manufacturer in China bus industry. We have produced buses since 1971 with more than 30-years experience of bus building. In 2000 year, we have public listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as one of the earliest public list companies.

Zhongtong company assets is 1,230 million RMB, net assets is 460 million RMB, Total share capital is 238,500,000 shares. At present, it has 1740 employee, among them, 445 employee with college educations, 19 employee with senior title of technicians and master. We introduce new techniques from BOVA which is a famous buses manufacturer in Europe. We have introduced the European BOVA technology successfully to produce Zhongtong series buses. Now the company have the complete technology and machines to produce top luxury buses . And e company have a capacity of produce 6000 middle and large standard buses as well as 1500 luxury buses in one year.

The company has the strong ability to develop new products and possesses the national level research center, it is one of the CIMS project demonstration enterprise and it belongs to National 863 Plan; the company is chosen through public appraisal into " 500 top information construction enterprises of China ", "Shandong province high-tech enterprise", "Shandong province vehicle industrial key enterprise". The company firstly passed ISO9001 quality system certificate in china bus industry. And in 2003, smoothly got through China Compulsory Product Certification 3C; meanwhile, the company has been awarded "Shandong Province Famous Product" for many years. It is a flag in Shandong vehicle industry

The company has complete product series including city bus, travel coach from 6-meter or 13.7-meter, totally 8 series of more than 100 models, which can meet various users; especially the company successfully launched a few series of products called "ZhongTong Bova", "ZhongTong Caesar", "ZhongTong creator" "ZhongTong top", "ZhongTong catch" "ZhongTong sunny" "ZhongTong explorer", which led to ZhongTong Bus's leading position in markets and obtain good honor among customers .Company product has covered the whole domestic market, and has sold well in oversea market.

Zhongtong bus have a good reputation in bus field: in November 2003,Zhongtong Bus was the only designated Bus for 53nd Miss World, responsible for the Miss World China round-travel which named"Looking at China with beauty eyes", traverse many cities such as Xi'an, Shanghai, Beijing, Haikou, etc. with bus powerful excellent quality and comfort, Zhongtong company get the experts and Chinese's recognize again. In BAAV Bus World Exhibition, Zhongtong bus won significant awards in succession, such as "BAAV Best Appearance of the year 2002", "BAAV Safest Equipment of the year 2003", "BAAV Luxurious Coach of the year 2004", "BAAV Bus Builder of the year 2004","BAAV Best Product and Best Appearance of the year 2005", and. In the Chinese 1st Bus Competition 2004,Zhongtong Bus obtained five honorable awards, such as "City bus golden award"£¬ "Highroad Bus golden award", "The Nicest Appearance of Highroad Bus", etc. Especially, the "BAAV Bus Builder of the year 2004", it's a witness of Zhongtong bus's development in the passed years, and also prove that Zhongtong company bring a new era of promising ,vigorous future as leader in industry with powerful strength and developmental momentum.

In 2003 year, Our company began to enter the international market and achieve astonishing success within these years. Our products have explored in most countries and regions, such as Middle Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and China Hong Kong etc, total more than 20 countries. In 2004, the overseas marketing amounts was up to 6 million USD, and in 2005 it has exceed 10 million USD.

We Zhongtong company and staff are with great endeavor to achieve the leading and the most powerful bus manufacturer with competitive capacity of being steadfastly and keeping innovate continuously to satisfying the customer. Zhongtong company will be expanding and developing together with all the human beings.

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